Flavor! offers guests a variety of experiences to chose from, with events ranging from local and celebrity chef demonstrations to intimate winemaker workshops, along with Grand Tastings and exclusive experiences that bring out the best flavors of Napa Valley.


Arts in april

Arts in April is Napa Valley’s most creative month. It is a celebration of community and culture that showcases the authentic spirit of the Napa Valley. With over 80 events throughout the month, local artists feature art installations, pop-up exhibitions, live performances and so much more.

Cabernet season

From mid fall to spring, visitors come to the Napa Valley to enjoy Cabernet Season. Once the grapes are harvested and the temperatures are perfectly mild, the region becomes a haven for cozy getaways, hearty fare, and of course, the world’s most spectacular wine.

Restaurant Week

Napa Valley Restaurant Week allows locals and visitors to dine and delight throughout the Valley and experience its legendary food and wine culture. The farm-to-table practices and Michelin-Star rated restaurants make the Napa Valley any foodie’s ideal destination.